Work with us

Founded in 1946, Costan is a historic brand of the EPTA multinational group and is a leading company in the supply of cooling equipment for commercial refrigeration.

Costan’s significant managerial and industrial development is guided by the solid values of our Eptology philosophy, which is also applied fully within human resources.

In fact, one of the secrets of Costan’s success can be found in its staff: a continuously developing team of over 900 employees.

People are an important and delicate capital for Costan: without them it would be impossibile to reach our objectives and create value.

This is exactly why the efforts of Costan are directed at defining initiatives for improving training, encouraging the expression of  potential within the company and constantly improving our effectiveness in the recruitment and selection of new personnel.

Thus, continuous training is supported by a series of important initiatives aimed at recruiting new talent, destined for both open positions and to enrich the existing organisation.


The success of a great company is also measured by the degree in which its employees are