Professional background in refrigeration

The success of a great company is also measured by the degree in which its employees are involved and satisfied.

The improvement of employees through personalised growth training in a quality work environment which is advanced in terms of technology and eco-sustainability, the adoption of the best safety practices, initiatives in collaboration with nerve centres where new talent is discovered, are just a few of the aspects that guide Costan’s human resource activities, and which guarantee Costcan’s employees the certainty of working with a leader in the field of commercial refrigeration.

Costan and Padua University

For Costan the University is a focal point for recruiting engineering students with specific skills in the numerous technical disciplines linked to the refrigeration industry.

With this in mind, Costan has participated in a cycle of events entitled "Università Aperta Ingegneria", organised by Servizio Stage and Mondo del Lavoro of the University of Padua.

Costan and training

Costan’s attention to people, what motivates them and their involvement in corporate objectives is expressed in training initiatives and personalised growth training programs.

To better structure these training initiatives, Costan has collaborated with the Lean Enterprise Center of the Fondazione CUOA in defining a training project entitled “Lean Manager”, which aims to train individuals with the technical and relational skills necessary for working as “Agenti della trasformazione Lean” (Lean Transformation Agents).